IT Consulting Services in Newark, DE

CyberDaptive provides IT consulting services in Newark, DE. To learn about how we can get your business on the highway to success, visit our website today.


Core Business Needs

Inventory Management

Using custom or existing barcode solutions we can save time and money and increase profits by making your inventory easier to find and value.

Accounting integration

We can integrate your backend operations software to automatically populate your quickbooks files with invoices and inventory deductions.


We can also integrate your shipping systems with UPS or FEDEX solutions and tie that back to the sales, delivery, and accounting systems.

Software Development

Have a software in mind but not the tools or knowledge to develope it? We got your back.


We are partnered with a top notch antivirus company and can get you premium prices on several antivirus solutions.

Disaster Recovery

Is the fear of ransomware and viruses keeping you up at night? We have the solution to keep your business safe.

Camera Systems

Whether you want individual cameras or a whole new camera system, we can plan and install getting your new equipment set up so you can monitor your business remotly or on sight.

Hardware Sales

When purchesing computers through us, we can promise that we will get you a good deal on great business or personal computers.

Growth Planning

We love budgets, if you have a budget or want to start a budget, we can help you plan for the future so that your computer services are not a surprise for years to come.

Managed IT

We design networks with safety in mind to ensure that only you and your authorized users have access to your systems.

Document Managment

Using the latest document imaging hardware and software we can turn your office full of paper into a simple searchable database system.

Web Design

Let our creative developers build your website from the ground up. Have your site uniqueley tailored to your business needs.

Our Consulting Roadmap

Your highway to success

  • Phase One: First Meet

    Introductory stage, we meet with you and do a quick analysis of your business.

  • Phase Two: Analysis

    We send a skilled technician/programmer to learn what you want to do in order for them to get an idea on where to start.

  • Phase Three: Planning

    Planning on our part, this includes us creating documentation and making road maps to continue onward with the project.

  • Phase Four: Development

    We get to work developing your custom network or software.

  • Phase Five: Deployment

    In the deployment stage you will get to use your new software or network in a hands-on way, we may still need to squash some bugs based on your feedback.

  • Phase Six: Growth

    Watch the system we created for you help you turn a profit in a more effiecient and modernized way.